Emmerdale star hits out over Twitter abuse

Emmerdale actor Danny Miller has criticised Twitter for not doing more to crack down on homophobic tweets he received in relation to the ITV soap. Miller, who plays gay character Aaron Dingle, said he had complained about homophobic slurs 16 times. But he said Twitter told him the messages did not violate its rules against […]

What to bring to get pre-qualified for a new or resale home loan

What to Bring to Get Pre-Qualified for a New or Resale Home Loan by: Jayson Gibson Making the decision to purchase a new home can be exciting and stressful. When looking at homes there can be quite a big difference in value and prices. When talking to an agent or looking for yourself you may not […]


Gender pay gap: Men still earn more than women at most firms

The majority of small and medium-sized companies are still paying male employees more than their female colleagues. Almost three in four firms pay higher wages collectively to men, according to the latest government figures. Just 15% of businesses with more than 250 employees have a higher wage bill for women. The remaining 11% claim there […]

Top 5 benefits of home mortgage refinance

Your mortgage is virtually an excellent financial tool that you can sharpen every now and then to suit your financial needs. With each new circumstance you are faced with, you can adjust accordingly through a home mortgage refinance. Home mortgage refinance can make your financial life better and more manageable. Read on to know what […]


Consumer products' air quality impact 'underestimated'

US research has found that chemicals in everyday household products are now a key contributor to city air pollution, rivalling some vehicle emissions. The study, led from Colorado University, focussed on so-called volatile organic compounds (VOCs). These are contained in petroleum-based products such as cleaning fluids and paints, and when they get into the air […]

Apply for online debt consolidation loans

Online debt consolidation loans offer consumers an easy, hassle free way of getting the money they need to fix their debt issues. Unlike more traditional lenders, lenders for this type of loan do not require you to make appointments at their convenience or make you miss time at work or other obligations to get the […]


Fathers may pass ovarian cancer risk to daughters

US scientists believe they have identified a new gene mutation that can raise the risk of ovarian cancer, and is passed from father to daughter. It is inherited through the X-chromosome and is independent of other known susceptibility genes that women can already be tested for. Experts say more studies are needed to confirm the […]


Firms on Caribbean island chain own 23,000 UK properties

A quarter of property in England and Wales owned by overseas firms is held by entities registered in the British Virgin Islands, analysis has found. The Caribbean archipelago is the official home of companies that own 23,000 properties – more than any other country. They are owned by 11,700 firms registered in the overseas territory. […]

Adverse credit remortgage uk – switch mortgage for benefits

Adverse Credit Remortgage UK – Switch Mortgage For Benefits by: George Cummings You are paying a huge amount per month towards the current mortgage which is a burden on your repaying capacity. The best considered way to reduced monthly payments is to go for remortgage. but your problem is that you have adverse credit and lenders […]


Bolivia's lonely frog: Scientists race to find mate for Romeo

Conservationists in Bolivia are scouring the country to find a mate for a childless frog who they fear may be the last of his species. Romeo, a 10-year-old Sehuencas water frog, has been calling in vain for a mate for the past nine years. A dating website donated to the search, and even gave him […]