NHS funding assessment for gluten-free food

Sunscreen, cold remedies, and gluten-free food is not available on the NHS in England under a possible action against “low value” drugs.NHS England announced a review of the local health bosses have identified £400m to spend, they had believed little or no clinical value.The proposals could have prescribed, a complete ban or tighter restrictions on […]


Tesco shareholder opposes £3.7bn Booker takeover

One of Tesco’s biggest shareholders is urging the supermarket to drop a £3.7bn takeover of food wholesaler Booker amid claims it is paying too much. In a letter to Tesco’s chairman John Allan, Schroders said the “high price” being paid for Booker would destroy value for investors. The deal brings together the UK’s largest supermarket […]


BT record monetary penalty of £42m for late installations

BT was hit with a £42m fine by the telecoms regulator, Ofcom, and also pay £300, to corporate clients for delays in the Installation of high-speed lines.Ofcom said the fine was the largest handed down it ever.The BT Openreach division found had cut compensation payments to the Telecom providers for delays in the Installation of […]


'Devastating' coral loss in South China Sea – scientists

Scientists are warning of another “devastating” loss of coral due to a spike in sea temperatures. They say 40% of coral has died at the Dongsha Atoll in the South China Sea. Nothing as severe has happened on Dongsha for at least 40 years, according to experts. Anne Cohen of Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in […]


The crater is associated with mars-tsunamis

Scientists have connected a crater, the powerful tsunami that swept over part of the old Mars.The team believe that an asteroid the 150-metre high waves triggered, when it crashed into the sea to have thought that there was on the Northern Mars three billion years ago.Lomonosov crater in the planet’s northern plains fits the bill […]


High cost credit products need to be addressed, say the gentlemen

The banks and financial authorities should do more to address the vicious circle of debt and overcharging, says a lords Committee.Financial exclusion Committee says that the banks are the customers you most need it, leaving the poorest to rely on expensive products.It adds that the checks “rent to own” products and other high-cost credit offers […]


Row over US ISP customer data sales

US politicians have voted to remove rules that demanded ISPs got permission from customers before selling their browsing histories. The US Senate voted by a narrow majority to repeal the rules that were first approved in October 2016. Politicians who called for the rules to be dropped said they were “harmful”. The decision was called […]


Robot bartender pours Rory a pint

More than 800 robotics experts met in Edinburgh this week for the European Robotics Forum. The ‘s technology correspondent Rory Cellan-Jones tried one of the devices presented in the exhibition hall – a robot-a bartender.You can tent to hear more about this story on Tech.


Bloodhound supersonic car record bid slips again

To break the British-led efforts, the world Land Speed Record slip back to 2018.The Bloodhound Super Sonic Car was supposedly to go to the race later this year to try to increase the current mark of 763mph (1,228 km/h) over 800mph.But what is referred to as a “short-term cash-flow problems,” have a dent in the […]


Pensions mistakes of the past must be avoided, says John Cridland

Mistakes of the past must be avoided when telling people of any rise in their state pension age, the author of a major review has told the government. John Cridland published the independent review on Thursday, proposing that those under the age of 45 may have to work a year longer, to 68. He told […]