What is a commercial mortgage?

A commercial mortgage is similar in principle to a residential mortgage except it is used to purchase a property or to raise capital for commercial purposes rather than domestic purposes. As with residential mortgages, the lender retains rights to the property until the loan is repaid in full. What would you use a commercial mortgage […]


The family which doesn't feel pain

Letizia Marsili, 52, first realised she was different when she was very young. She had a high threshold for pain, which meant she didn’t feel burns or notice broken bones. Five other family members are also affected by the condition which means they are insensitive to pain. Letizia told the : “From day to day […]


Meryl Streep bemoans Hollywood inequality

Meryl Streep has said sexual harassment wouldn’t have been tolerated in Hollywood if there were more women on the boards of entertainment companies. The star is getting together with other well-known actresses to demand equal representation in boardrooms. She said balanced boards wouldn’t have approved pay-offs like those given to some of Harvey Weinstein’s accusers. […]

Doorstep loans advances at your doorstep

Doorstep loans are short term loans that are available for small needs. These advances are given to the borrower, at his doorstep making the process more quick. These finances do not necessitate any credit check. These finances can be used to fulfill any need of the borrower. E.g. to pay off outstanding electricity bills, or […]


Botanical exploits: How British plant hunters served science

In a corner of the Yorkshire Dales, far from the beaten track, you might stumble on the peaceful village of Clapham. Now known as a stop-off point for exploring the dales, it was once the home of a rock garden full of plants never seen before in the Western world. Legend has it that the […]

Wedding loans for a memorable day can add four stars to your celebrations

Wedding Loans For A Memorable Day Can Add Four Stars To Your Celebrations by: Jasmine Vadera Memories are treasures that none can steal. There are many memorable moments in the life of a person, and wedding is one memorable occasion that tops the list of all memories. Memories are priceless moments in the life of a […]


Call for lung health screening in top football clubs

Professional footballers should be screened for exercise-induced asthma, researchers say, after a study found three in 10 could be affected. University of Kent scientists used lung tests to identify players with symptoms and improved their fitness after treatment. Elite athletes are known to be prone to asthma-related problems because of their high-intensity breathing. Experts said […]

Mortgage leads, selling over the telephone

When a loan officer or mortgage broker purchases a mortgage lead from a mortgage lead company, their very next step is to call the customer. This is not as easy as it sounds, because we all know you never have a second chance to make a first impression. So you want to be prepared before […]


Ireland forced to collect Apple's disputed €13bn tax bill

Ireland is to comply with a European Commission order to collect a disputed €13bn tax bill from the US firm Apple. The money is now being paid into a blocked separate account, while Ireland appeals the Commission’s decision. The Commission ruled last year that Ireland had given Apple illegal state aid by allowing it to […]

Unsecured loans, easy money without worries

If you do not have any savings or valuable collateral to rely on for meeting your desires and requirements then also you can dream for it. With the help of unsecured loans, the borrowers can avail opportunity to finance their needs and desires. Under this loan option, the borrowers do not require to pledge any […]